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Heel Fix Kit ® Insoles

"I have been using HeelFixKit insoles for over a year now. I have several pairs to go into various pairs of shoes and have found they give me invaluable foot support. They have certainly alleviated much of the tension and strain I was suffering from. Without HeelFixKit insoles I would not be able to do the amount of walking that I can now."

Mr R Murray, Rochdale

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Heel Fix Kit ® Exercises

As explained earlier, the calf muscles and the muscles in the sole of your feet play an important role in the function and health of your plantar fascia. If calf muscles are weak and/or tight your plantar fascia will experience a lot more tension that it should. Therefore keeping your calf muscles flexible and strong is very important. Equally, if your plantar foot muscles are weak they can’t help support the plantar fascia. These muscles work as a team with the fascia and the calf muscles to help push you onto your next step. If one part of the team isn’t doing its job the other parts have to work harder.

The Heel Fix Kit ® Exercise program is designed to fix these problems so your foot can work to its best advantage. It is important to follow the course carefully as it has been developed specifically to address all potential areas of the problem. The first two exercises are to improve your calf flexibility and strength.

Heel Fix Kit ® Exercise 1

Calf Stretch and Strengthening

Exercise 1 Calf Stretch

Heel-Fix Kit ® Exercise 2

Passive Calf Stretch

Passive Calf Stretch Level Passive Calf Stretch LowerPassive Calf Stretch Raised

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