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"I have been using HeelFixKit insoles for over a year now. I have several pairs to go into various pairs of shoes and have found they give me invaluable foot support. They have certainly alleviated much of the tension and strain I was suffering from. Without HeelFixKit insoles I would not be able to do the amount of walking that I can now."

Mr R Murray, Rochdale

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Heel Pain in Children

Children from age 9 can experience heel pain, especially if they play a lot of multidirectional sports such as football, hockey, rugby and netball.

This heel pain is usually noticed after sport, particularly rising out of a seat or car after a short rest. If untreated it will start to cause pain during sport and prevent good performances. This is caused by a condition known as Sever's disease. It is a type of fatigue fracture of the growing bone at the back of the heel where the Achilles tendon attaches.

In young adolescent athletes the growing bone is weaker than in adults, but the forces being applied to it by growth and sport can increase faster than the bone can develop.

If possible, reduction of sport or rest from sport is the simplest action, but the
Heel Fix Kit ® will greatly help, especially the strapping tape applied when playing sport.

Please note, heel pain mainly at night in a child should always be brought to the attention of a clinician.

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