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"I have been using HeelFixKit insoles for over a year now. I have several pairs to go into various pairs of shoes and have found they give me invaluable foot support. They have certainly alleviated much of the tension and strain I was suffering from. Without HeelFixKit insoles I would not be able to do the amount of walking that I can now."

Mr R Murray, Rochdale

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Use Your Head Less and Your Feet More


Regular 'Health Walks' can combat depression

Medical research has proven that regular exercise can:

• Prevent and treat depression

• Lower stress levels

• Help you concentrate

• Give you a sense of achievement

• Increase your energy levels

• Boost your self-esteem

• Improve your quality of sleep and

• Elevate your mood and sense of well-being

So you can walk away your depression

About 1 in 4 of us will suffer with mental health problems at some point in our lives.

Sometimes when we have stressful times in our lives it is all too easy to 'think too much' To keep going over things in our minds till we can't think about anything else. Then it can affect our quality of sleep and all too soon we are suffering the effects of nervous exhaustion and depression.There are many things we can do to help us cope with these feelings. Exercise is one of them.

Exercise has been proven to be just as effective in treating mild to moderate depression as anti-depressant medication. The National Institute for Clinical Excellence (2004) has advised doctors to consider exercise therapy in the first instance. It has even proved helpful in treating severe clinical depression.

And the side-effects are beneficial too! Including:

• Stronger muscles, bones and joints

• Healthier heart and lungs

• Reduced risk of diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol

• So you live longer, healthier and happier lives!

One of the best forms of exercise is 'Brisk Walking', which is defined as 3–4 miles per hour or 15–20 minutes per mile. Or a purposeful walk for most people.

Courtesy of Stephen Bloor, Musculo-skeletal Podiatrist at the 'Runright Stepfree Clinic'.